Top Gun: Maverick” Movie Review: Miles Teller Shines in This High-Flying Sequel



“Top Gun: Maverick” Movie Review: High-Flying Action and Nostalgic Nods”

“Top Gun: Maverick” is the highly anticipated sequel to the 1986 cult classic “Top Gun,” directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Miles Teller as Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of the late Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, who was a beloved character in the original film. As a dedicated fan of the original movie, I was thrilled to see how the sequel would live up to the hype and nostalgia. In this review, I will explore the plot, performances, visual effects, and overall impact of “Top Gun: Maverick,” as well as highlight its strengths and weaknesses.


“Top Gun: Maverick” picks up 34 years after the events of the first film, with Bradley Bradshaw, now a talented pilot, seeking to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Top Gun aviator. However, he must navigate challenges and obstacles, both personal and professional, as he faces his own demons and tries to live up to the legacy of his father and the iconic Maverick, played by Tom Cruise.

The plot of “Top Gun: Maverick” is a mix of familiar elements from the original film, including intense aerial dogfights, rivalry among pilots, and themes of camaraderie and sacrifice, along with some new twists and surprises. The story focuses on Bradley’s journey to prove himself as a pilot and reconcile with the memory of his father, while also dealing with the changing landscape of aerial warfare and the pressures of being a Top Gun pilot in the modern era.

One of the strengths of the plot is its ability to capture the spirit of the original “Top Gun” while updating it for a contemporary audience. The movie pays homage to the original with its iconic soundtrack, high-octane action sequences, and familiar characters, while also introducing new characters and storylines that add depth and complexity to the plot. However, at times, the plot feels formulaic and predictable, relying on clichés and tropes commonly seen in military-themed movies. Despite this, the story remains engaging, with enough twists and turns to keep the audience invested in Bradley’s journey.


Miles Teller delivers a strong performance as Bradley Bradshaw, capturing the essence of his character’s internal struggles and growth throughout the film. Teller brings a sense of vulnerability and determination to his role, portraying Bradley as a skilled pilot haunted by the memory of his father’s tragic death. He also shares a convincing chemistry with his co-stars, particularly with his on-screen love interest, played by Monica Barbaro, and his mentor, Maverick, played by Tom Cruise.

Speaking of Tom Cruise, his return as Maverick is a highlight of the movie. Cruise effortlessly slips back into the role that made him a household name, showcasing his charisma, intensity, and undeniable star power. Despite being in his 60s, Cruise convincingly portrays a seasoned aviator grappling with his own demons and the challenges of mentoring a new generation of pilots. His performance is a nostalgic treat for fans of the original film, and he remains the heart and soul of the “Top Gun” franchise.

The supporting cast also delivers solid performances. Jon Hamm stands out as Vice Admiral Cyclone, a tough and no-nonsense commander, and Jennifer Connelly shines as Penny Benjamin, a civilian contractor and Maverick’s love interest. However, some of the other supporting characters feel underdeveloped, and their performances lack the depth and impact needed to make them truly memorable.

Visual Effects:

The visual effects in “Top Gun: Maverick” are jaw-dropping and truly impressive. The aerial sequences are a visual feast, with breathtaking aerial stunts,

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