The Evolution and Growth of Major League Soccer (MLS)



Major League Soccer (MLS) is a professional soccer league in the United States and Canada, and it has experienced remarkable growth and evolution since its inception in 1993. MLS has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and it has emerged as a prominent soccer league in North America, with a strong fan base and an increasing level of competitiveness. In this article, we will explore the evolution and growth of MLS over the years, including its establishment, expansion, popularity, and impact on soccer culture in North America.
Establishment of Major League Soccer
Building a New Soccer League in North America

MLS was established in 1993 as part of the United States’ bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The league was officially launched in 1996, with ten teams participating in its inaugural season. The league was unique in its structure, with teams owned by investors and operated as single-entity organizations. This meant that the league owned and controlled all player contracts and set the salary cap for teams. Despite facing challenges in its early years, such as low attendance and financial instability, MLS persevered and gradually gained traction in the North American sports landscape.

Expansion of MLS
Growing the League Across North America

Expansion has been a key driver of MLS’s growth. Over the years, the league has steadily increased its number of teams, adding new franchises in various cities across the United States and Canada. The first expansion came in 1998 with the addition of the Chicago Fire and the Miami Fusion. Since then, MLS has expanded to include teams in cities such as Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles, among others. In 2023, the league is set to welcome three new teams, bringing the total number of teams to 30.

The expansion has not only increased the league’s footprint but has also helped to grow its fan base. New teams have brought soccer to cities that previously did not have a professional soccer presence, resulting in increased interest and participation in the sport. The passionate fan base of MLS has been a driving force behind the league’s success, with supporters groups and fan culture becoming an integral part of the soccer experience in North America.

Popularity of MLS
Rising Interest and TV Ratings

MLS has experienced a significant rise in popularity in recent years. The league has seen an increase in attendance, with average attendance per game surpassing that of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in some markets. MLS has also seen a surge in TV ratings, with increased viewership and broadcasting deals with major networks, such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and Univision.

Several factors have contributed to the growing popularity of MLS. The league has attracted high-profile international players, such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who have brought global attention to MLS and raised its profile. MLS has also invested in youth academies and player development, which has led to the emergence of young, talented players who have gone on to represent their countries at the international level. Additionally, the league has engaged in strategic marketing and promotion efforts to attract new fans and expand its reach, including initiatives such as the “MLS is Back” tournament during the COVID-19 pandemic, which garnered widespread attention.

Impact on Soccer Culture in North America
MLS as a Catalyst for Soccer Growth

MLS has had a significant impact on soccer culture in North America. The league has helped to foster the growth of soccer at the grassroots level by providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills and pursue professional careers. The establishment of MLS has also led to the creation of soccer-specific stadiums, which provide a unique and authentic soccer experience for fans.



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