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General description

Its purpose is to enable students to master, from these three angles, the current issues and tools of business management. The Business Administration course offers a specialization to students who wish to exercise their activity in the private sector.

The teaching team is made up of teacher-researchers specializing in these three disciplines and professionals who prepare students for their future professional integration.


Business administration is a broad field that includes several interesting occupations. Whether you like numbers, management, or sales, you will find the job for you here. Which administration job is right for you? Get to know some professions that relate to the field of business administration.


Marketing includes all the techniques that make it possible to determine the value of a product or service to offer it to consumers. It is the marketing specialist who makes it possible to sell a product by highlighting its characteristics. He must therefore have these skills to exercise his profession:

  • Creativity
  • Team spirit
  • Persuasive

We find the chartered accountant in accounting firms, but also in companies where he plays the role of the advisor by participating in the accounting activities of the organization. He can work with several companies: private, public, SME, etc. He must have several skills including:

  • Knowledge of mathematics
  • Analytical mind
  • Thoroughness and precision
Human resources

The human resources manager develops and implements the human resources management practices (recruitment, training, management) of the organization with which he works. He also sees the well-being and development of the employees of this organization. He must have the following skills:

  • Listen
  • interpersonal skills
  • Leadership

The specialist in economics evaluates and explains the economic activity of a field or several sectors. It solves the problems and predicts the phenomena that the monitored sector will experience. It also assesses the economic impact of certain decisions while analyzing the socio-demographic and political factors that influenced them. The economics specialist is:

  • good at math
  • Analyst
  • Thorough
business technology

The Business Technology Specialist understands the technology environment of a business’s needs. He can design and integrate technological systems that correspond to the business requirements of a company. The Business Technology Expert has the following skills:

  • Analytical mind
  • Good at problem-solving
  • Logic

Management understands the management techniques used taking into account the company, its context, its problems, and its current challenges. It includes executive and management positions. To be a good management specialist, you must be:

  • Leader
  • Confident
  • Good at problem-solving

Output profile

Export manager

Financial Analyst

Export area manager

Marketing research officer

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